Where do we start with describing Kimchi?

Put simply, kimchi is salted and fermented vegetables.

However, it is the process of correctly salting, washing, warming and then refrigerating the fresh ingredients and sauce mix that produces the fermented, salty, zingy and tangy complexity of flavours and textures that we love.

Like all great fermented products, such as miso, soy, wine and cheese to name but a few, kimchi can be taken fresh or matured. We sell shortly after initial fermentation (after 1 week in fridges), so the cabbage is crisp and the sauce flavour is still sharp (ideal for cold side dish called Banchan in Korean), then if you haven’t eaten it all up straight away, use the matured kimchi (1-3 months), in rice dishes, broths or stirfry.

We are delighted to see that Korea’s national dish has exploded internationally Рdue to its flavour, health benefits and versatility as either a side dish or an ingredient in a variety of hot and cold meals Рand we are proud to be a very small part of the kimchi story.


We currently only sell to shops and restaurants.

If you want to try our kimchi, do you have a local shop that may stock it?

If so, Email us details and we will get in touch with them.

Supplying shops local to our customers cuts out postage and reduces our carbon footprint!

Product 1
Mak-Kimchi Traditional (with fish sauce)
(Cut Cabbage)
Weight 450g Net (800g with Jar)

Product 2
Mak-Kimchi Vegan
(Cut Cabbage)
Weight 450g Net (800g with Jar)

For trade prices and delivery options please email us or message us on socials.

If you are located within the Merseyside area, we deliver free of charge.


We fell in love with Kimchi when we visited Korea in 2006, and started to think about how we could make local fresh kimchi that would be respectful to the Korean traditions.

So, in 2015 – after a pop-up Korean Noodle Bar in 2008 and a pop-up Kimchi kitchen in 2014 – we took the plunge and made a small kimchi factory in a converted industrial space in the heart of Liverpool’s historic China Town area.

Our goal at KIMCHI HUMAN is to make hand-made traditional Korean kimchi and to develop new kimchi products based on the core values of using seasonal local ingredients.

Are you a Kimchi Human?

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